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(00:00:37) Anatoly Maksimovic, Mr. First Minister of independent Ukraine, we would like to thank yo

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Anatoly Zlenko Maksimovic - Ukrainian diplomat, Foreign Minister of Ukraine (1990-1994, 2000-2003). Since 1987 - Deputy Minister, 1989 - First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. In 1994-1997 - Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, 1997-2000, - Ukraine's Ambassador to the French Republic, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Republic of Portugal burning mouth syndrome (1998-2000, part-time). Advisor burning mouth syndrome to the Prime Minister of Ukraine burning mouth syndrome from special international affairs (2006-2007). Interview
(00:00:37) Anatoly Maksimovic, Mr. First Minister of independent Ukraine, we would like to thank you for what you have agreed to take part in "An Oral History of Independent Ukraine." Thank you very much on behalf of the Directors. And once the first question. Please tell us how to lay your destiny as you become Ministers of the USSR, and then also the first minister (00:01:00) independent Ukraine?
It can be said at once that no one prepares himself not something. I am not myself prepared for the ministry. It too had the luck, I think - to become a minister. Actually I was on the path as a professional diplomat. After graduating from the Kiev State University, I was assigned to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the post of officer, a first diplomatic post, and began his diplomatic career. Then went up to this, then the ladder higher and higher and higher and higher - in good faith, of course, working burning mouth syndrome hard at making a lot of ... a lot of effort ovolodivayuchy new knowledge. So I gradually grew as a professional. Well, among the posts that were on the way, and foreign travel were. The first time I went (00:02:00) burning mouth syndrome in foreign burning mouth syndrome travel, temporary assignment in 1968, at the General Conference of UNESCO. Then he went again a few times and then went to work, I was recruited directly to the secretariat of the international organization. I worked as an international officer; worked for six years in the secretariat of the organization, then, in a sector that is engaged in international relations. It was from 1973 to 1979. Then I returned to Ukraine, so I was reappointed for another post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I became executive secretary of the Commission of Ukraine, at the time of the commission of the Ukrainian SSR in UNESCO. He worked a lot. There were close ties with creative teams (00:03:00) with the intellectuals, with scientists from various ministries and departments that were involved in issues such as science, culture, information, a number of other humanitarian issues. Then I was assigned to work back to France. I went to the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to UNESCO. I worked from 1983 till 1987. I was prematurely withdrawn, I was offered the post of deputy minister - it was the year 1987, March-April months. I started at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the new areas of work. At that time the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Kravets. (00:04 :: 00) He had assistants. It seems that at that time was deputy Lipatov Valentin. I was appointed second deputy. It was already a process in the former Soviet Union - restructuring, new approaches, new dimensions of desire. We ourselves have seen already as employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which are more independent burning mouth syndrome measurements. We tried to do something burning mouth syndrome more concrete, more to be independent, exploring various options and approaches to more and more to feel independent. I would like to say that the approach in the period ... in the 90th year I have been appointed as First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and then in the 90 th year, just after the declaration, (00:05:00) not after the proclamation, and after adoption Declaration on State Independence ...
State Sovereignty of Ukraine - July 16 is the 90th year, and after that ... I was elected to Parliament as you remember now - it was ... - it was not so

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