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The east, toothbrush Nano Mysvka (Misoka) by "Kvshv Oshima" the jewish bride rembrandt and company Yumeshokunin made. Brush the toothbrush with nano-sized mineral ions covered, thick hair brush 0.178 mm. Instead of using the toothpaste to the toothbrush user into a glass of water to relax ions, the ions during brushing, the teeth have been moved and completely remove them, creating a protective layer. Since 2007, sales of the toothbrush in Japan and parts of Asia and has sold two million of them. The toothbrush should be replaced every month. Toothbrush Nano Mysvka next week at Milan Design Week 2015 Exhibition will be exhibited.
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Replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, it is too late to change your toothbrush toothbrushes

Brushing alone is not useful for oral health, how to get white teeth but also weak and improper care of teeth is associated with heart disease and other diseases. But perhaps when brushing your mistakes that you do not know it.
At the right time of the day you do not clean your teeth brush your teeth at least the last thing that you contact the night. Edmund Hilti, Professor, School of Dentistry, UCLA, says foods before how to get white teeth bedtime if food remains in your teeth considerably increases the risk of caries and caries. Brushing your way in the morning of the same. When you snooze, you saliva production in the mouth guard stimulate the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth is reduced and becomes fast. 2 times a day, brush your teeth at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds to make sure that you clean every corner of the tooth (teeth and dental Balasmt the top left and right, etc.). A toothbrush with soft bristles of the toothbrush improper use that can be easily placed under the gum tissue and plaque in between teeth were all out is cool to use. If you do not remove dental plaque increases the risk of gum disease. Washing teeth with toothbrush with bristles medium, hard and extra pressure can sit back and root surface of the teeth and the gums or teeth without the protective put down. The hard part of the tooth root surface is not covered with enamel, wash the area can easily destroy and cover the small holes and damage.
Do not wash the mouth out thoroughly pouring batter can not know all the harmful chemicals that have soft and weak to brush them away yourself. The alcohol-free mouthwash how to get white teeth containing hydrogen how to get white teeth oxide fairy use. Should not available as mouthwash, mouth rinse is not unpleasant. Wrong approach how to get white teeth you use for cleaning teeth cleaning how to get white teeth teeth for direct action is appropriate. The brush handle and the bristles soft gum tissue when they feel, should be at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. Turn the wrist in the form of a circle that effectively removes plaque. When the front of the Tmyzmy knows, you must move vertically toothbrush to clean teeth better overall. And make sure that you pay special attention to the back of your teeth, because normally this area is the accumulation of dental plaque.
Replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, it is too late to change your toothbrush toothbrushes hair because it is worn, it can not properly clean teeth and remove bacteria. Toothbrushes that it is used for a long time is a good place for bacteria to accumulate and can cause your disease. Other parts of the mouth are oblivious to your language traps harmful bacteria. Food or rest comfortably in the gap between the carpet-like language called papillae or small spines stuck in their language. Therefore, as you pay attention to cleaning teeth cleaning, do not forget language.
Dental Clinic's website with the latest medical news, science news dentistry news and updates. Dental and all its related services in our clinic with the latest methods of the world have done. Honor your teeth and good dental clinic select! We specialize in treatment for the first time in our house! All dental services and dental care in your home as possible. You can also turn to online systems is also provided. Venus clinic clock with two branches in Tehran Mahan called dental clinic and dental clinic smile, is ready to serve to your loved ones. Contact information from here. Thanks.
Other news: Eraser snow vehicle control eyes! High-speed memory cards inspired by the human brain is plastic and scored! The first family photo of Pluto and its satellites vaccine glue, replace mates! Faster wound healing with electrical stimulation. Three-dimensional printers are designed to unlock the secret of pain banana treats! Beware of these diseases are eating! First International Congress Hnvanh reproduction in the country, contributing to cardiovascular health! The relationship between reflux disease and cancer! The most important factors for suicide among Iranians! Mobile radiation impact in your life! If you have these symptoms, you're too old! All your mistakes when brushing
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94/03/11 signs of dehydration!
94/01/25 seized 7,000 kilograms how to get white teeth of sausages!
94/03/11 signs of dehydration!

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Private Message View Offline Date: Wednesday 16 Persian date Ordibehesht 1394 - 18:44 Title: Post #

You're auto gume in the Forums site doctor R honest, click here to learn about various facilities other symbols Locator FAQ FAQ Search profile top level administrators posted Prtshkrtryn users private messages Log in
Private Message View Offline Date: Wednesday 16 Persian date Ordibehesht 1394 - 16:09 Title: bleeding gums when brushing the issue as I usually do my gums bleed when I brush was too late, but if a conventional toothbrush and I have a little distance away in seriousness Nzarm but never long enough not bending in the breeze brushing routine stopped the bleeding could say whether or not now is the question naturally or bleeding gum disease suggests there? Personally, I normally do not seal. It is a familiar auto gume one to two times more than whites really kind Msvakym my gums that I went to a doctor Mdyvmh .. The teeth into him, but I did not say anything special, but believe me .. Nice said Chyzyt taken lightly because the issue The teeth do not gum medicine now requires Bnzrtvn referred to a specialist do?
Private Message View Offline Date: Wednesday 16 Persian date Ordibehesht 1394 - 18:44 Title: Post # 1 Hi bleeding gums in the duration, auto gume frequency, frequency, intensity and ease of development are different. You can also recurrent bleeding from severe bleeding. - Chronic recurrent chronic bleeding gums bleeding gums caused by bacterial origin always remember. This infection affects people with varying degrees of almost auto gume everyone. Bacteria on the teeth fit and gradually form a substance auto gume called plaque. These plaques, if not go well with brushing the gums come and create inflammatory reactions. As a result of weak gums and tissues that are prone to bleeding than the smallest. May bleed after brushing, flossing, teeth chattering auto gume and develop. If the infection is not treated, gingivitis will lead gradually to the separation of the gums that can cause tooth. - Acute bleeding can sometimes be seen locally bleeding gums while there is no sign of infection. Stimulate the gums to the teeth or chewing hard foods are often the reason for this is that of course there gingivitis. Gum irritation caused auto gume by hot foods can also cause bleeding. Bleeding gums origin overall problems can cause some health problems are bleeding gums without inflammation or trauma to the gums exist. Including the include: - cardiovascular disorders auto gume (lack of vitamin C or tenderness) - Vitamin K - the problem of blood platelets - blood clotting problems (hemophilia or leukemia) bleeding may also be the result of excessive consumption of some medications, such as anticoagulants occur. Against gum bleeding What to do? Most people consider unimportant gum bleeding and its consequences are not significant. They generally only problems are carefully mouth and white teeth. While infection and inflammation of the gums usually not seen since the early stages of tooth is not associated with pain and cosmetic problems. However, it must be recognized auto gume that unusual bleeding gums, gums healthy pink color and does not bleed with minimal impact. - Good oral health if the problem is due to bacterial Lthab must remove dental plaque and infection attacks quickly eliminated. Therefore, to improve oral hygiene and tooth brushing. Teeth and gums, as well as the recommended 2 to 3 times a day after eating the brush. Some of the gums to the teeth with the toothbrush to 45 degrees. The results of many studies show that electric toothbrushes are more effective than ordinary toothbrushes. Daily use of dental floss or interdental brushes for removing food particles and bacteria that have taken place between the teeth, very important and useful. - Consult with your dentist if your gums bleed very advanced medical and dental procedures are not enough to solve this problem, auto gume you should consult your dentist. It is recommended to regularly visit once a year to prevent and treat infections in the early stages of aggravated dental conditions prevented. Source: www.Passportsante.fr
Private Message View Offline Date: Saturday 19 Persian date Ordibehesht 1394 - 15:00 Title: Post # 2 I think my issue is completed with the same blood Mzyh with brush or floss your teeth when chewing auto gume hard foods are Lsm was bleeding down easily annoyed when I have to do I went to the doctor teeth were easy, but I felt I did not have the skills in this field because you had written the text in the first one to Rahtya himself into a heap and the doctor's teeth in a Visual inspection satisfied auto gume merely I by the name of friends expert mouth and gums is to go to him? Doctor teeth few, because I think that the one expertise you do: /
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Home autobiography tounge Browse & Book Guest Book eBooks & Dental Journal eBook Store Free eBooks Portal e-Dental & Medical Journal Go Green Poster Scientific Research Scientific and Scientific Writing Seminar tounge Student Creativity Research & UPDATES
Chemotherapy as a cancer treatment tounge using drugs can not be separated from side effects. Anti-cancer drugs can result in damage to healthy tissue, such as bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract epithelium, the cells of the skin and hair follicles, the reproductive system and nervous system.
Manifestations tounge in the oral cavity is a complication of a variety of side effects tounge that occur, because the oral complications can occur directly as the effects of anti-cancer drugs and may also occurred as a result of damage to other body tissues. Therefore kornplikasi oral unavoidable, but can be minimized tounge by pre-treatment oral action. Severity of oral complications that occur depending on dose and duration of drug administration and the condition of the patient's mouth when going rnenjalani chemotherapy.
Anticancer drug that usually tounge causes mouth ulcers include methotrexate, 5-fluorouracil, actinomycin D, Adriamycin, bleomycin, and daunorubicin. Drugs that sometimes cause ulcers, among others, 6-mecaptopurine, hydroxyurea, vinblastine and procarbazine (Lynch et al., 1994).
Anticancer drugs can cause mouth ulcers directly or indirectly. Drugs that cause stomatitis will indirectly depress tounge the bone marrow and the immune response that causes an invasive infection in the oral mucosa.
Several types of drugs, such as methotrexate causing ulcers through a direct tounge effect on the replication and growth of epithelial cells by inhibiting protein synthesis mouth and nucleic acids resulting in thinning and ulceration of the oral mucosa. While alkaloids such as cyclophosphamide resulted in leucopenia tounge and ulcer formation of secondary (Lynch et al., 1994; Langlais & Miller, 2000).
Multiple ulcer lesions in the mouth as an indirect result of chemotherapeutic drugs is characterized by a large necrotic ulcers and deep, very typical, without slit and with basic network experience minimal inflammation, which can attack all mucosal surfaces (Lynch et al., 1994).
These lesions can be distinguished clinically from other types of lesions tounge and clinical features of the lesions. At chemotherapeutic ulcers, lesions form an acute ulcer with a history of multiple new receiving tounge chemotherapy (Lynch et al., 1994).
Utuk all cultures is highly recommended because it tends to infected lesions Gram-negative organisms and fungi, and because of the similarity, the ulcer-ulcer recurrence can resemble latent herpes simplex virus (Langlais & Miller, 2000).
Therapy with reduced doses of medication tounge when the pain became severe and are not enough nutrients and fluids. Giving a local anesthetic to relieve the symptoms, whereas ronggga oral hygiene measures, including antimicrobial ingredients are like khlorhexidin important to prevent secondary infection, jarigan nekosis soft and bone necrosis. Consultation and open communication between general practitioners and dentists can help reduce complications and improve the comfort of the mouth (Langlais & Miller, 2000).
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Felis Catus Author hobby-hobby elixir fm Nature Cats, Cat care case. It is not so intense, but hope

The decision to vaccinate against certain diseases assessed by a number of factors. elixir fm There are seven types of infectious diseases that can be covered by the vaccine (produced by some manufacturers). elixir fm
The list is included below, her name is unusual, but I put a short description next to it so that it is easy to understand. Name Abbreviation Description Virus disease Rinotrakeitis / Herpes elixir fm Felin FRV, FVR attack the respiratory system. Inflammation of the eyes and nose. Felin Kalisivirus FCV Attacking cat respiratory system similar to FRV. Highly contagious among cats. Eyes and runny nose, ulcers in the mouth and tongue, sneezing and fever. FPV Panleukopenia virus is very dangerous, highly contagious among cats. Attacking the nerves and immunity. Severe fatigue, loss of appetite and death. Chlamydia C virus lives in the urinary system, genital, respiratory and digestive. The effect is seen in the eye. If infected elixir fm by a kitten may cause lung damage serious. Felin Leukemia Virus FeLV Very dangerous, cancer-killing. High risk to the cat out of the house. Spread through saliva (licking fur, food containers) or bites (fights, play). Rabies virus RV Ever with rabies? Saliva dripping, aggressive and attack. Can infect humans or other animals. Bordetella FeBb Harmful to kittens as it can cause death. Thick slime on the nose and mouth, sneezing and coughing (cat actually rarely cough, pay attention if your cat is coughing). elixir fm
Felis Catus Author hobby-hobby elixir fm Nature Cats, Cat care case. It is not so intense, but hopefully helpful to all readers. Love nature and animals, but is too weak to protect them.
CERTIFIED cat AIDS TODAY ... dear all, it's for sure, a very sad news, but da most sad is dat i'm elixir fm afraid of losing him, my 'Sister' aged 3 + 2x yo ... after being admitted UPM vet hospital, after a 2-wks discharged, elixir fm today I brought my sister to UPM because xselera n eat more lean body. I asked the doc for the blood test for cancer or any infections, but am informed doc here, my cat got AIDS .. .Ready who had no experience or knew about it, pls advise me dear .. .. Reply Delete elixir fm MoB2
STILL SO SAD..n crying ... I juz cant imagine dat da reality, he already elixir fm left me.so soon at such youthful elixir fm age..much moment to draw with my sister, but i had satisfied of my verybest for him til his last breath..May God be with him, us ... Sister n wil alwiz in my soul til i die, i pray dat got blessing from God 2b wif frm him again, in heaven..Insya'allah.Amen. Reply Remove
I have seen a kitten neighbors where his eyes filled with tears and slimy droppings and nasal kitten was also slimy. After a few days I noticed the kitten into a small basin of water and soak in the basin. A few days later the kitten is dead. Can the master elixir fm explain what the disease might attack the kittens. Reply Remove
hi, i want to ask about the food poisoning t'jadi thdp cat .. How to cure? i dh start following x cat wants to eat again after a few tails off kwnnya poisoning .... please help i ye ... Reply Delete
Basic Rate Topic: Nutrition Health Immunization Stimulus Special elixir fm Annual Inspection sailing Select elixir fm Title: Behavioral Medicine Diseases Pregnancy Kitten Cat Breed Old Physical Choose Title: Respiratory Musculoskeletal unique feature Inserts Select Title: How ... Current issues Announcements
Living development Kittens from 4 until 28
My upcoming stud

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Home Tip Women / Mothers Healthy Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy Tip MATERNITY / ABSTINENC

Home Tip Women / Mothers Healthy Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy Tip MATERNITY / ABSTINENCE Traditional Surgery listerien BEAUTY TIPS Face Slimming Body Preparation Guide TIP TRADITIONAL Breastfeeding Breastfeeding and Child Care / Baby Body Milk Storage breastfeeding Breastfeeding Guide INFANT CARE AND CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS listerien Advance Shaklee Joint Health listerien Alfalfa Complex listerien B Complex tablet Cinch Shake Mix Chewable Vita-C Collagen Powder CoQHealth CarotoMAX E Energizing Soy Protein Complex GLA Complex Garlic Complex Herblax Cream Herbal listerien Blend Lecithin Mealshake Nutriferon Ostematrix OmegaGuard Ginger listerien Peppermint Plus Pyhtocol-ST Sustain Release Vita-C Vivix Vitalea Iron Formula Vitalea Zinc Complex for Children Foundation Health SET LIST Men Women Pregnancy / Maternity / Nursing Child Slimming Joints and Muscles Spouse Fertility Rate Weight Diabetes Hypertension Heart Health Beauty Sinus Fast TESTIMONY Pregnant Maternity Nursing Triple Eye Health Beauty Skin Joints and Muscles Face Slimming and HALAL STATUS FAMILY MEMBERSHIP INTERESTS BUSINESS belongings Story Cuti-Cuti Homestay PENANG SABAH FAMILY LEISURE TIPS Bond Business Motivation listerien Secrets of Successful Marketing Strategies Business Chinese Culture DAILY SPIRITUAL Pray pray pray Duha
I never pay attention to oral hygiene and baby's tongue ?? if you want to know the actual care of the baby's mouth is very important ,. Create listerien a new parent, it may sound like something strange, because the baby is drinking milk ...
One never think that, like adults, babies and children also need to maintain oral hygiene. If not cared for and cleaned properly, the tongue and the mouth of the baby can be infected with fungus .. ye same kind of ulcers in the mouth adults ..
My baby, Ruza Aliff never had this infection when he hit 3 months ago .. really how much, for fungal infections known as Trush 'or fungal Ruza milk makes it difficult to suck milk .. indeed she often wept time tu ..
At first Ruza fungal infections in the mouth, just a little, I'm listerien clean, really lost .. but tomorrow there again .. I have a white wash the containers in the mouth and palate Ruza, but still not lost .. I got good too, later refused to drink milk, I'll get sick again .. so go the clinic, doctors gave ointment, a gel .. need to keep in the fridge, and endurance just a month after it opened .. gel is safe if swallowed by babies ... after I practice a week in baby Ruza, tu infection began to disappear and was recuperating Ruza mouth: D .. yeah !!
I was wrong too, because children do not regularly clean the mouth, ye of the days we have to brush your teeth: D That was kind of our baby, but it takes a 2 to 3 times a week. Can use a cloth moistened with warm water or can also use a soft brush (gel type) of which I used to baby Ruza.
'Thrush' listerien is a fungal infection of the mouth of infants experienced by many small baby. It looks like a white coating. It is not painful, but can interfere with breastfeeding your baby when he or eat.
But if you experience it, it can feel very sick. If your baby has a few white spots, or coating, on the tongue, palate, and inside of their cheeks, listerien it is possible 'thrush'. It is a fungal infection that often appears in infancy. It does not hurt, but in severe cases, it can interfere with the baby when they're feeding or eating.
You can help to heal by wrapping cloth gauze bandage on your finger, then immerse in chamomile tea, carbonated mineral water or salt water, and rub on the mucous membranes in the mouth of your baby.
If you suffer from 'thrush' on your nipple, it can make the process of breastfeeding is very painful, and causes pain as burning, stinging and itching. You may also be infected 'thrush' in the vagina. Berbincanglahlah doctor, midwife, nurse or lactation consultant about treatment, if you experience any of these symptoms. It is important for you and your baby to get treatment.
If you have these symptoms, but it does not hurt, given the same treatment as the nipple your baby's mouth. White in the baby's mouth is often accompanied by a fungal infection on the bottom of their mouth, infection listerien apablia past their digestive system. This can result in slight irritation.
If you find it hard to get rid of the white layer, talk to your doctor. If you give your baby a bottle of milk, you can minimize the risk of infection by ensuring clean your baby's milk bottle, and sterilized in boiling water every day. <

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oral cancer is cancer of the eleven most frequently detected in Malaysia, where two new cases of or

About MMGazette Director General of Health, Malaysia Patron Founder & Advisor Editors Translators Young Columnists Columnists Articles Sponsors Announcements Internal Medicine / Infectious Diseases Internal Medicine / Infectious Diseases Non-communicable Disease kamistad / Non-Communicable Diseases Cancer / Cancer Public Health / Public Health General / General Occupational Health / Health Women's Health / Women's Health Orthopaedics / Orthopedics Obstetric / Obstetrics Paediatrics / Paediatric Psychiatry / Psychiatry kamistad ENT / Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery / Surgical Ophthalmology / Opthalomologi Emergency Medicine / Emergency Medicine Allied Health / Health Integrated Dental / Dentistry Physiotherapy / Physiotherapy Sonography / Sonography Medication / Drugs Lifestyle / Lifestyle Research / Study Ministry of Health / Ministry of Health Current Issues Opinions Feature Articles #ForMedicalStudents #MsiaEndsDengue #SmokeFreeMY #HealthyRamadhan World Breastfeeding Week 2014 Breast Cancer kamistad Awareness Floods & Health Back to School Heart Early Career Awareness Month Psychiatric Chapter (ECP) Young Columnists Program Contact Us Terms of Use Sub menu
Cancer occurs when genetic structure kamistad (DNA) that controls the growth of cells of your body undergoes changes and mutations. As a result, the growth of cells that can no longer be controlled by the body results in the appearance of cancer cells. The cancer cells then grow quickly to form a tumor.
Oral cancer is cancer of the eleven most frequently detected in Malaysia, where two new cases of oral cancer are detected every day. In Malaysia, most oral cancers detected among Indians and followed the families of the natives of Sabah and Sarawak.
As is well known, some of the ingredients in cigarettes is a "carcinogen" of agents that cause cancer. According to a study conducted at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), almost 60% of patients with oral cancer are smokers. The more and the longer you smoke, the higher your risk for oral cancer.
The practice of chewing betel and tobacco is also associated with an increased risk of oral cancer in India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Taking betel and lime, gambier, kamistad areca nut and so on also contains "carcinogen" that can cause cancer.
Habit of taking alcohol regularly increases your risk of getting oral cancer up to 2.5 times or by 155%. The risk of oral cancer will be increased kamistad up to 5 times if you are a hard-core drinkers.
HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that can spread from one person to another through touch. The virus is especially HPV 16 and 18 can infect the mouth as the skin of the genital and mouth is not much different in terms of structure. This virus is associated with cases of individuals suffering from cancer of the mouth but do not smoke and consume alcoholic beverages.
Radiation from sunlight, X-ray and gamma can also cause cells mutate if you are exposed to radiation, the radiation kamistad for long periods of time. Practise using the 'sunscreen' on the skin or lip balms that contain UV protection [Sun Protection Factor (SPF)] if you are always exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
Although kamistad the association of food with oral cancer is not as strong kamistad as smoking and alcohol, there are some studies that found the intake of vegetables and fruits, especially contains kamistad carotene (eg, carrots, tomatoes and orange) can reduce the risk of developing oral cancer.
Unfortunately, in Malaysia, many patients who are at their worst when diagnosed with oral cancer. Almost 70% of cases detected in hospitals kamistad in Malaysia had remained at Level III and IV which causes less than half of the patients diagnosed with oral cancer will live more than 5 years after the cancer is detected.
This can be prevented by screening at home and make periodic kamistad checks at the clinic. Oral examination of our own is not difficult. You just need a mirror and sufficient lighting, and just need to follow the simple steps as follows: Stand in front of a mirror. Remove dentures (if any). Clean your hands with soap and clean water. kamistad Lift up your lips with a finger. kamistad Notice any peculiarities in the inside of the lips and gums. Repeat the same steps for the lower lip. (Figure A and D) With the thumb and index finger, pinch your lips gently. Make sure there are no lumps or ulcers. (Figure kamistad B). Pull your right cheek, note any anomaly on the inside of the cheeks and the back gums. Repeat this step with the left cheek. (Figure C). An elevation head